Menstruation pants

Menstruation pants

Organic cotton Femininity outside

NAT menstruation pants use the fully elastified material around the waist area, and super soft material inside and outside to give women a full sense of underwear-like experience and feminine look and feel during their heavy flow days and nights.

Ultra Breathable and Comfortable

The most advanced elastified film around the waist area with invisible airholes is completely breathable and elastic, which prevents skin sweating and leaves the skin markless. The super soft fabric inside and outside guarantees ultimate comfort like second skin.

Body Fit and Discretion

The light and delicate stretch pants stay in place and gently follow feminine curves, giving seamless body fit and discreet feeling just like regular underwear.

German technology Confidence inside

NAT combines the confidence and reliability of products made in Europe with the latest available technologies.

DryWear technology

NAT menstruation pants are equipped with DryWear technology, a unique combination of microfibers and absorbent pearls, which captures, disperses and holds the liquid, resulting in an optimal dry feeling for up to 10 hours.

The double anti-leakage barriers, made of cuffs and hydrophobic (waterproof) sides, create a cup shape which forces the liquid to stay inside the pants, and provides maximum protection against leakage.

Quality Tests

Our R&D laboratory works closely with our plant to ensure the safety and high-performance of the final products.

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