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NAT Donations to Doctors in China

COVID-19 virus

NAT donations to doctors in China

to doctors in China

End of 2019, the city Wuhan and later other regions in China were affected by the breakout of the COVID-19 virus. Hospitals were overwhelmed and many doctors and nurses were working 24/7.

In an effort to be resource-efficient to cure patients and limit the risk of contaminating other people as much as possible, doctors and nurses had to limit going outside of the hospitals. Thus, many of them decided to work and live in hospital for months. Female doctors and nurses were facing a shortage of hygiene products for their periods.

To help these doctors and nurses, NAT partnered with the Alibaba and Tmall Global flagship store team in China to donate as many NAT tampons and ultra towels as possible in February 2020 to eight key hospitals in the cities Wuhan, Yichang, Tianmen, and Guangdong.

This supportive initiative, taking care of our Chinese medical heroines fighting against the virus, makes us so proud to be part of the #NAT GIRL community.